Looking for volunteer

Looking for volunteer

Looking for volunteer who willing to teach English and working in the garden

Hello !! My name is Satha Puemsoongnean,Activistist, stay in the farmhouse at Nakhonrajchasima Province of Thailand and I have one ten years daughter. Our family looking for volunteer for join us to teach English language to our children around there and including in the small school sometimes . Moreover help us working in the garden like water, cleaned up and grow organics farm.

Our garden is a place be a community space. We always do many activities at there for children, cooking, art, ceramics, sailing and nature trail etc. In addition, we provide this place for non government organize use for any conference.

My family are activistist to do activities for child development and family. To provide them knowingly in case of sexual in teenager, prevent disaster in a risky area and promote learning for child and families.

Our garden locate at Pakchong, Nakhonrajchasima province, Thailand. There are a place closer to Khao Yai National Park where has a beautiful waterfall, birds watching activity, bush walking and motorcycle ride.

We provide room and kitchen ( make your own food), wifi and we offer bicycle or motorcycle for borrow

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

You will learning many Thai cuture, Thai food , working at the organic farm and experience with children development job in Thailand.You more over have a chance to meet with wild animal like monkey, hornbil and elephant at Khao Yai National Park.

Type of help

Cooking / shopping
General Maintenance
Help with Eco project
Help in the house
Charity work
Language practice
Art project

It is located at Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima province
where is 160 km northeast of Bangkok
and near by Khao Yai National Park only 30 km.

By minivan: Direct minivans leaves to Pak Chong from Mo-Chit
Minivans leaves every 2 hours for about 160 Thb per seat.

By bus: buses leaves every half hour or so from Mo-Chit north terminal in Bangkok (about 160 Thb). Pak Chong is on the way to Nakhon Ratchassima / Korat, which is the main transit road to Isaan province, so you are sure to always catch a bus easily, just make sure the bus stop in Pak Chong., in Thai, you can use Google translate for English speakers

By train: trains leaves Hualampong station 4 times a day but takes from 4 to 5 hours so it s probably not the best way to get there from Bangkok


Our garden provides room and kitchen ( make your own food),
wifi and we offer bicycle or motorcycle for borrow.

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